The out­doortro­phy 2013

Impress­ing Per­for­mance of the World Cham­pi­on at the out­doortro­phy 2013

Lin­ge­nau (August 19th, 2013) – The extreme out­door relay race in Lin­ge­nau, Bre­gen­z­er­wald (Aus­tria), also referred to as the “unof­fi­cial out­door world cham­pi­onships”, start­ed off with a bang: The cur­rent moun­tain run­ning world cham­pi­on Petro Mamo (Eritrea) sim­ply sprint­ed off on the way to the “Niedere” and fin­ished the 12km long dis­tance includ­ing an alti­tude gain of 1.116 meters with a new record time of 59:47 min­utes.


He out­ran world class elite run­ners Azarya Welde­mari­am (Eritrea) and Joseph Gray (USA), who hand­ed over to the paraglid­ers of their teams 4 min­utes after Mamo. Paraglid­er Markus Prantl (Team Mar­ti­ni Sports­wear) man­aged to make up for lost time on Thomas Mit­ter­dor­fer (Aus­tria, Team Land Rover). Mit­ter­dor­fer com­pet­ed for Team Land Rover as a reserve for paraglid­er Lorenz Peer, who had sev­er­al bruised and bro­ken ribs from train­ing the pre­vi­ous day.

Thrilling Event up to the Final Show­down
The race con­tin­ued in the white water: Czech Kamil Mruzek (Team Nutrend) won the kayak­ing event, close­ly pur­sued by the Aus­tri­an kayak cham­pi­on Ger­hard Schmid (Team Mar­ti­ni Sports­wear) and kayak vice world cham­pi­on Manuel Filzwieser (Aus­tria, Team Land Rover). After a tight race of the kayak­ers, lead­ing teams Land Rover Hör­burg­er and Mar­ti­ni Sports­wear both start­ed the moun­tain bike leg off at the same time. Urs Huber, 5th in this year’s moun­tain bike world cham­pi­onships, rode an incred­i­ble race and fetched a com­fort­able lead. Hannes Pall­hu­ber (Italy), who won the out­doortro­phy sev­en times, placed sec­ond. Team Land Rover Hör­burg­er com­plet­ed the race after 3:37:02 hours and missed the out­doortro­phy record by 7 min­utes.

Local Team Dom­i­nates the Ama­teur Cat­e­go­ry
Team “DJ’s Bikeshop” took the first place in the ama­teur cat­e­go­ry with 3:57:22. Hannes Met­zler, a renowned moun­tain bik­er, swapped his bike for run­ning shoes, before Josef Sim­ma (paraglid­ing), Uwe Eich­felder (Ger­many, kayak) and Manuel Hofer (moun­tain bike) secured the first rank with a five minute lead over the win­ners of the pre­vi­ous out­doortro­phy, “Vir­go X Team”.

Best All­rounder: Johannes Nis­ter
For the first time ever the out­doortro­phy solo com­pe­ti­tion took place, where par­tic­i­pat­ing ath­letes com­plet­ed all of the four events them­selves. Johannes Nis­ter from Bad Aussee (Aus­tria) fin­ished the race with­in 5:16:19 hours, just before Roland Rup­prechter (Aus­tria). Team “Vaude” was the best female team 2013, Team “Fa. Blum” won the title for the best com­pa­ny team. In the evening “The Soul­jack­ers” and “Neu­land” heat­ed up the place in an atmos­phere match­ing the moun­tains. Host Chris Alge is already look­ing for­ward to the next out­doortro­phy in 2015: “It’s just an amaz­ing event – and the out­doortro­phy solo was incred­i­bly impress­ing, we will def­i­nite­ly hold this cat­e­go­ry again.”

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