New out­doortro­phy web­site

With the new edi­tion of out­doortro­phy 2019 there is also a new web­site. The site has all the pre­vi­ous fea­tures and is now state of the art in design and engi­neer­ing.

Above all, the use of our smart­phones was tak­en into account in the new devel­op­ment. This should give you the pos­si­bil­i­ty to expe­ri­ence this unique sports event also on mobile devices.

In the course of cre­at­ing the new web appear­ance the logo and the col­ors of the out­doortro­phy were also dis­creet­ly revised. As a result, and with the new web­site, we are pre­pared for the com­ing years.

We would like to take this oppor­tu­ni­ty to thank our old web­site, which has done a very good job in recent years and is now enter­ing its well-deserved retire­ment.


Client: Chris Alge, High5
Con­cept and design: Bern­hard Hafele, viergestal­ten
Pro­gram­ming: Adam Bich­ler, viergestal­ten

If you have ques­tions about func­tions and design, you can con­tact Bern­hard Hafele direct­